One moment at a time…

We are persistently living in the past and the future. The lack of acceptance and awareness in the present moment makes living in recovery almost impossible! In recovery, surrendering  the will to the degree that thoughts, impulses and cravings do not control our lives. What do we surrender to? Isn’t there something inside ourselves, but not fully ourselves that wants the best for us? This awareness and cultivation of presence in our lives makes the act of surrender much more appealing. It’s like, when you are a frightened child, allowing your mother to walk with you down a dark hallway.  You know she has your safety at heart. The same is true for the Authentic Self – it does not need defenses, nor conflict to thrive.

Being in the moment is all that we have. We create realities in our heads that draw us to the past and future, both which does not exist! Imagine living in each moment and appreciating each moment. It is much easier to be grateful and have significantly less conflicts with relationships and within your self.

Take time to breath and appreciate the presence and Presence inside you!


Dr. Bill