Main Line Recovery was developed to treat individuals, couples, families and groups with a need for behavioral health intervention with a recovery-based focus, while attending to the need for spiritual transformation. We stand apart from other psychotherapy practices in the region with the total commitment to your optimum health by utilizing our integrative approach to recovery.

Dr. William Heran, Main Line Recovery’s founder and CEO has over twenty six years of proven success with this approach and helped hundreds of individuals and families experience being fully alive! Dr. Heran is a former Jesuit and integrates spirituality and contemplative elements into the treatment course of appropriate clients. He is also an expert in mindfulness meditation and how it relates to a supporting a sustainable recovery. We have a bio-psychosocial and spiritual approach, treating the whole individual in their environment including: the workplace and the family.

Main Line Recovery treats the entire person and their loved ones. The integrative approach to recovery, mindfulness practices, creates a balance, a serenity in your life that you may have never experienced before. With the combination of psychological interventions, social strategies, medical services, monitoring, self care practices, mindfulness and stress reduction techniques, you will be able to sustain recovery and live life fully!

Whether struggling with interpersonal relationships, can’t seem to get a handle on your emotions, repeating the same destructive and damaging behaviors time and time again, or just feeling lost, Main Line Recovery can help. If you, or a loved one is in need of help, then call us today for an appointment.

Main Line Recovery is highly confidential and respects your privacy and knows the importance of keeping your treatment at Main Line Recovery between you, your therapist and treatment providers. We specialize in treating professionals from all fields including: medicine, law, psychology, pharmacy, etc. We have a proven record in assisting professionals with recovery strategies that ensure verifiable recovery, which aids in keeping your professional career and practice.

We are located in a discreet location on the Main Line in Haverford, PA. Main Line Recovery is small and intends to remain a boutique service for clients like you. If you are seeking a highly trained professional who will customize your care in a highly private setting, then don’t hesitate and call us today for a consultation! Call us at (215) 834-7979.

If your primary problem is alcohol or drug use, then please contact Providence Treatment, a state licensed, Joint Commission accredited alcohol and drug treatment program in Media, PA.

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